We collaborate to create opportunities for learners of all ages. 


Our programs are built collaboratively to dynamically serve the needs and interests of learners of all ages. We are intergenerational to our core, which is to say that we serve, work with, train, support and learn from students, teachers and doers of all ages - including middle school students, high school students, undergraduate students, graduate students and postdocs.



Join our live studio audience on February 10th & 11th as we record presentations by top Black Studies scholars from around the nation. 

Admission is free for two evenings of live presentations at KLRU Studio 6A on The University of Texas at Austin campus. Doors open at 6:30pm and the shows begin at 7:00pm. Parking is available on the street or in the San Antonio Garage


Following the live recording event, presentations will air on KLRU PBS-TV Austin, and be available for on demand online viewing.

Season 1 is available to watch online. Season 2 will air on KLRU soon, and curriculum guides to accompany Season 1 are available for download

Find pictures and more information at the dedicated Blackademics pages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

VOICES, COBRA, Young VOICES, and Young COBRA are academic and leadership development groups for middle and high schools students. We follow a well-established meeting structure, set of program tenets, and practices that empower students to take control of their academic futures, discover their paths, set goals, and accomplish them. These programs are the heart and soul of ICUSP.

We work with local and state officials to place Education Policy fellows in offices of state representatives, school board members, city council members and others in order to help advanced students learn policy and policy environments as they serve the public good with immediate and long-term impact.

We offer training in building and sustaining student groups, professional development for teachers, and leadership training for administrators. We focus on the socio-cultural components of teacher effectiveness, and also offer guidance and training to teacher teams in subject areas and across grades.

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Help us continue our life-changing programs. Your donations support Blackademics TV, COBRA, VOICES, our policy fellows program and other activities that provide meaningful opportunities to serve our students and community. Read about the history and leadership of ICUSP here.