Partner Spotlight: CAE

Partner Spotlight: The Commitment of the Council on Anthropology and Education

This week, we'd like to feature a piece from a partner organization - The Council on Anthropology and Education, an organization of over 600 members within the American Anthropological Association. In the same vein as ICUSP, CAE maintains a strong commitment to socially just outcomes and improving circumstances and opportunities for all learners through its research and methods.

Dr. Kevin Foster, executive director of ICUSP, also serves as the president-elect of CAE.


CAE in Action: Research, Collaboration, and Commitment to Racial and Social Justice

In today’s political climate, the Council on Anthropology and Education’s (CAE) mission to resist all forms of oppression is as relevant today as when it was created. The persistent disregard for facts and an over reliance on ideological opinions makes apparent the heightened need for evidence-based knowledge that is accessible to broader communities. As members of the CAE, we are committed to advancing anti-oppressive, socially- and racially-just approaches to educational problems through anthropological perspectives, theories, and methods. This includes resisting dehumanizing political agendas that have historically targeted minoritized groups and strengthening relationships among transdisciplinary scholars and educators to promote racial and social justice in all settings where learning takes place.

CAE members are engaged in a broad range of research and advocacy initiatives.  We are comprised of the following fifteen Standing Thematic Committees: Ethnography of Schools and Communities; Multilingualism, (Multi)Literacies and Language in Schools and Communities; Anthropology of Post-Secondary Education; Culture Learning and Transmission; African Americans, African Diaspora and Education; Latin@s and Education; Indigenous Education; Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Asian Americans in Education; Gender and Sexuality in Schools and Society; International Issues, (Im)migration, Transnationalism and Citizenship in Educational Contexts; Exceptionalities in Education; Privatization, Markets, and (Post-)Neoliberalism in Educational Contexts; Anthropology of Environmental and Science Education; Ethnography of Educational Policies and Systems; and Adult Teaching and Learning Communities, Workplaces and Schools.

In the spirit of supporting anthropological research and scholars, the CAE sponsors a number of distinguished awards such as the Concha Delgado Gaitan Early Career Presidential Fellowship, Frederick Erickson Outstanding Dissertation Award, and the George and Louise Spindler recognition. Our members’ contributions can also be found in Anthropology and Education Quarterly (AEQ)—a CAE peer-review journal focused on anthropological theories and analyses of educational processes in and out of schools, in U.S. and international contexts.

More recently, the CAE Executive Board has restated its priority to be a voice of resistance against hostility and hate. In our first 2017 section column to Anthropology News titled, “CAE’s Call to Action: Reflections on the 2016 Presidential Election,” we commit to using our AN column as a platform to promote engaged scholarship, public dialogue, and debate on pressing issues. This call has led to AN columns focused on issues such as indigenous education, Islomophobia, language politics, and US-Mexico relations. During the upcoming 2017 AAA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C., the CAE will convene a half-day policy workshop led by Kevin Foster (CAE President Elect). This gathering will build relationships between anthropologists, teachers, and youth advocates while training them on how to collaboratively impact education policy while engaging broader communities in discussion related to their rights to safe, effective, and nurturing learning environments.

Please stay connected with CAE and our ongoing efforts by visiting our website, joining our listserv, and following us on Facebook and Twitter: @CouncilAnthroEd

CAE Contributing Editors: Patricia D. López and Cathy Amanti

We would like to thank CAE President Thea Abu El-Haj and President-Elect Kevin Foster for their guidance on this piece.